Tips & Safety

Taking Storm Proofing intoYour Own Hands

The 7 Ways to Safety

This will not only help you protect your most valuable assets, it will also reduce the costs associated with a storm. Here are the seven most important features that should be examined to ensure your home is wind-resistant. Talk with a li- censed contractor to assess you needs. 

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Mastering the Fundamentals 

Determine the amount of coverage needed by examining and testing the assumption in any financial calculation.

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Texting While Driving

A Dangerous Activity

Someone you know just sent you a text message. Maybe your boss wants the latest numbers, or a friend wants to set up a place to meet after work. Traffic is flowing smoothly, and you know it would take less than a second to type a response – so you do. But while you are focused on your cell phone, the car in front of you suddenly stops and you crash into them. Your life is now changed forever. 

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